Neck Rejuvenation



The skin on the neck and décolletage is much finer than the skin on the face, and it is often exposed more to the damaging effects of the sun. We therefore show more exaggerated signs of ageing on our necks and décolletage.

Sun damage here presents as wrinkling, looseness and sagginess, pigmentation and general redness (poikiloderma). Some of us lose fat in our faces with age and develop visible vertical bands in our necks. Others accumulate fat in the neck and under the chin.



  1. Visible vertical bands in the neck are tense strands of neck muscles, and can be softened and relaxed with muscle relaxants. Treatments last for 3-12 months.
  2. A specially formulated dermal filler containing a naturally occuring substance in the skin is a unique treatment for revitalising and rehydrating larger areas, such as faces, necks, décolletages and backs of hands (including fingers and wrists), reducing the visible signs of ageing and sun-damage. Several treatments are usually required, approximately every month apart. They last 6 months or more.
  3. As on the face, regular microdermabrasion, chemical peels and Omnilux Medical/Revive therapy will improve skin texture and the appearance of the neck and décolletage by increasing blood supply and increasing cell turnover and collagen production in the skin.
  4. A series of IPL treatments will specifically target pigment changes and redness (poikiloderma), as well as stimulate collagen production. A series of 5 treatments is optimal. A single session or a full series of treatments every 12 months will control further sun damage as it appears.
  5. Visible veins, pigmentation, skin tags and old age-warts may be removed by the copper bromide laser. Usually 1 or 2 treatments of 5-10 minutes are required.
  6. Acne Scarring can be significantly reduced by Fraxel  or eTwo Sublime .
  7. Loose, sagging skin under the neck can be tightened using Contour thread lift creating a youthful more defined profile. Through tiny incisions behind the ears, small barbed threads are placed under the skin and anchored to deeper structures for more lasting results. Effects last 5-8 years and more threads can be added later. Downtime is usually a week to one month.
  8. Fat deposit in the neck and under the chin can be removed by liposuction or by direct excision (lipectomy). Excess neck skin can also be excised at the same time. This procedure will be available at our Toowoomba and Gold Coast clinics from November 2006. Recovery is approximately a week, although an elastic support bandage will need to be worn for 2 weeks.
  9. If skin is too excessive and skin tone and elasticity poor, a neck-lift may be recommended. The skin is pulled up and back and the excess skin is removed. This provides a new, more pleasing neck and jaw line. This procedure is usually performed by a plastic surgeon. Our clinic can refer you to a number of reputable doctors.


Neck rejuvenation procedures are performed as outpatient procedures in our clinics, with or without local anaesthetic. Procedures may be combined in order to maximise improvement. Our staff will help you choose the procedure or combination of procedures that will best meet your goals.

N.B. As the neck and décolletage are very susceptible to sun-damage, it is very important that moisturiser and sunscreen are applied daily. This will help maintain the youthful appearance of your “new” look.