Volumising Dermal Fillers



Would you like more defined cheekbones, chin or jawline? Or perhaps to replace lost volume in your temples? Or to enhance the apples of your cheeks?

Volumising Fillers are a thicker form of dermal filler that provide support and lift to the skin and have revolutionised the way in which skilled cosmetic practitioners can sculpt the face as well as lift and soften lines in the lower face.

As we age, we lose volume and structure in our faces due to the shrinkage of bone and fat pads.  This results in hollow temples and cheeks, sunken eyes and sagging skin.

Here at the Bradford Clinic, we believe in taking a personal and professional approach to help you achieve the results you’re looking for with Volumising Fillers. During your consultation, we will advise on and discuss the facial areas we can target to help maximise your looks and reduce the effects of aging. Because you are unique, we can personalise your treatment and choose the best product from our extensive range of volumising fillers all of which are designed to target larger facial areas to create lift and definition, and enhance facial contours.

Our expertise and experience allows our medical team to use volumising fillers in other areas of the body such as the backs of hands.  They are also very popular treatments for men seeking a more masculine look, especially by defining the jaw-line.

 - Dr Julie Bradford



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