Cosmetic | Aesthetic

Cosmetic medicine focuses on improving the Aesthetic appearance of an individual.  Treatments available at The Bradford Clinic can help with Scars, Acne, Skin Tightening, Lip Augmentation, Wrinkles, Skin Jejuvenation, Moles, Liver Spots, Unwanted Hair, Skin Discoloration, Cheek Augmentation and Body Contouring.

Dr Julie Bradford has been providing cosmetic injectables and anti-aging treatments for over 25 years, her team at The Bradford Clinic are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of cosmetic medicine. Whether you are new to the world of cosmetic procedures or have been benefiting from the effects for years it is important to remember to choose a professional that you trust. We offer no obligation, free consultations with our registered nurse so that you can discuss your needs and desired outcomes. 

Botox is a muscle relaxant we use at The Bradford Clinic in Toowoomba to treat wrinkles.