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How Can Muscle Relaxants Help? 

Muscle relaxants are primarily used to combat wrinkles, they are injected into muscles around the affected area. Muscle Relaxants work by temporarily weakening the muscles of the face. Once the muscles are weakened, their pull is relaxed and the skin flattens out. 

Muscle Relaxants are also used to treat people who suffer migraine headaches and Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating).

Why use a Dermal Filler?

As we get grow older, loss of volume is one of the biggest factors that ages our face. Dermal fillerscan be injected to correct fine lines, creases and folds, scars and loss of volume and are also used for enhancing lips, cheeks and jawlines.

Dermal Fillers are not Muscle Relaxants. They can add youthful volume to the face and plump out lines with long-lasting results.

The Bradford Clinic provides the full range of TGA {Therapeutic Goods of Australia} approved dermal fillers and volumisers.