Wellbeing Programs for Optimum Health

The team at The Bradford Clinic believe that inner health is vital to outer beauty. Our highly personalised programs incorporates preventative procedures, your optimal lifestyle, physical activity, stress-reducing strategies, macro-nutrition, micro-nutrition (anti-oxidants, herbs, vitamins etc.), recommended diet and even customised nocturnal hormone prescription to enhance a longer, healthier lifestyle.

As you age, your body will change and so will your nutritional and hormonal needs. Your individualised programme will be re-evaluated at least every 6 months to maintain optimal health.

Our well-being customers receive a monthly wellness newsletter plus 5% discount on all our stocked supplements once their programme has been designed.

The practitioner only lines we stock include:

  • Metagenics
  • MediHerb
  • BioCeuticals
  • MD Nutritionals
  • Orthoplex
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