Brain Health


When we think of health, what usually comes to mind is physical health; keeping our muscles strong, our gut healthy and maintaining an appropriate weight. But keeping our brains healthy is important too! They are responsible for a plethora of functions, including learning, problem solving, coordination and memory, every single day, so we need to keep them in their best health possible!

Our top 5 tips for keeping your brain strong and smart:

  1. Avoid damaging your head - where necessary, use protective wear such as a helmet

  2. Consume healthy food and clean water - dietary intake is the number one contributor to the global burden of disease and we know that eating healthily contributes to improved health and wellbeing and prolongs lifespan

  3. Play in the day & sleep at night - it is important to consider your mental health and take care of yourself! Working hard is important but make time for activities you enjoy and ensure you are getting adequate sleep at night

  4. Clean air - avoid smoking (including passive smoking) and spend some time outdoors

  5. Have a growth mindset - high brain activity means a healthy brain, so continue to learn new skills and embrace challenges. Acknowledge that your intelligence is continuously developing and be open to growth

- Gina, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Bradford Clinic