Vitamins C, D and Zinc

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Did you know?

Vitamins C, D and zinc have synergistic roles in immune function and infections! They support components of both innate and adaptive immunity, which comprise epithelial barriers, cellular defence and antibodies.

Vitamin C is necessary to counteract high levels of inflammation in the body and is used rapidly in infection, and although there is limited evidence suggesting Vitamin C reduces the severity or duration of the common cold, individual responses are varied.

Vitamin D is needed to fight pathogens and infections. One of the reasons suggested why influenza occurs in the winter season has long been linked to the skin’s inability to synthesize sufficient amounts of vitamin D during this time.

 Zinc is the star player in immune function, with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has been shown to have beneficial qualities in reducing the duration of colds.

To prevent the common cold this flu season, ensure you are getting enough Vitamins C, D and zinc in your diet! If you are unsure how much you require or how to get the optimal amount, please call the clinic on (07) 46391250 to book an appointment with our dietician Gina!

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