The Blushing Bride ~ a journey of weight loss to Fit the Dress

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with one of our clients on her weight loss journey to Fit The Dress. 

Just like every Bride To Be she wanted her wedding day to be perfect and that meant looking and feeling her best. She started her own weight loss and exercise regime BUT it was evident at her first fitting that she had a hard road ahead of her with only a short amount of time to achieve her weight loss goal of fitting her wedding dress.

And that's when we joined her on her journey .... 

The LUSIT programme is exclusive to Dr Julie Bradford of The Bradford Clinic, a scientifically structured weight loss program that is clinically supported to help lose abnormal fat stores in a short amount of time with NO Diet Pills and NO Meal Replacements.

We combined our LUSIT programme with two of our Body Contouring machines to help tighten, tone and destroy fat cells, UltraShape & VelaShape III {both treatments are exclusive in Toowooomba and the Darling Downs to The Bradford Clinic)

She lost 7.6 kilos in 3 weeks, changed her body shape, feels incredible and now needs to have her wedding dress taken in!

Her full journey can be watched here