While face lift surgery can tighten your lower face, reduce sagging jowls and restore a more defined jawline, it does this by surgically removing excess skin.  For those of you, who don’t want scars and a general anaesthetic or who don’t yet need such drastic measures, there are less invasive options.

As we age, we lose volume in our faces especially our cheeks.  This can be restored by injecting volumising fillers into the deflated fat pads.  The results are instant and last up to 2 years.  Most fillers contain local anaesthetic so there is also minimal pain. 

Thread-lifting can lift and tighten a sagging forehead, lower face and neck.  This is a slightly invasive procedure, but there are no residual scars.  Under local anaesthesia, threads with tiny barbs are inserted under the skin to lift and restore youthful contours. The threads dissolve after a year or so.  It is recommended you take a week off work due to bandages, and avoid ‘special’ events for up to a month.

Skin tightening procedures using ultrasound (Ulthera) and radiofrequency (Sublime and Thermage) generally have no or minimal downtime.  The effects are instant and continue to improve over the following months.  So everyone will notice, but nobody will know!


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